Business Tax Planning

  • Cash Method vs. Accrual Method: Choosing the right option can help alleviate your tax headaches at year end.
  • Depending on your Business entity, we will review and assess which type of company structure works best for you and your tax situation. With different tax advantages and disadvantages, it's important to know which one has the most impact on you financially, whether it be a sole proprietorship all the way up to a corporation.
  • Tax credits are very important for a company especially if you are a small business looking to minimize your tax liability. With proper knowledge of tax credits, we can help you choose which ones will best benefit you and your company the most.

payroll tax preparation

  • Are you a new company or adding to your staff? We can help you get up to speed with on-boarding new hires with the proper tax and payroll documents. Our accounting platform automatically deducts for payroll, benefit and tax deductions.
  • GMAC professionals integrate with your management team and back office personnel to understand payroll deductions and benefits that matter most to its employees that are cost adventurous to the business.
  • We will help set up and properly disperse all W-2 and 1099 forms to your employees/ independent contractors for their tax purposes.

Year End planning

  • We know it's vital for companies to save money and minimize their tax liability. With a day-to-day holistic review of your business finances, we can plan for your tax liability and make adjustments throughout the year
  • We ensure that all of your state and federal payroll taxes are paid on time, and all requirements are met on a quarterly and annual basis.

client budgeting

  • GMAC will budget and position your company's reportable net income to minimize your tax liability at year end.
  • Budgeting your tax obligation is a necessity for business success. It's important to understand which taxes you will need to pay along the way and budget those taxes, so you are not left with a surprise tax bill. Whether it be payroll tax, sales tax, etc. we will make sure that your payments are budgeted and accounted for.