Finding The Right Employee: Important Do’s and Don'ts of Hiring

23 March 2021

In today’s economy, hiring the perfect employee is more critical than ever. A recent survey showed that over 50 percent of small business owners state that they have a hard time finding the right skilled workers to fill their open positions. For employers, hiring new employees can be a daunting task; finding, interviewing, and training new employees can come at a high cost to any business, so finding the right fit is vital for exponential growth. When looking for the ideal employee, there are important do’s and don'ts for bringing in the right person to your business:

  • Understanding the candidate's role in your business- Find a person that fits your culture, not a person that you are hoping to mold into your culture. When looking for the candidate, make sure that their role is completely defined and responsibilities are right employee to hire, look for someone that has similar working habits but a different perspective from the beaten path. Different perspectives can achieve synergy among teams and increase productivity and efficiency. Also, when looking for the right essential for growth so the future employee will add value to your business.

  • Legal components of hiring- Understanding the entire legal process is necessary to make sure that you are following the proper laws when hiring. An employer can ask about an employee’s age if the particular job carries legally mandated minimum age requirements, however in the absence of such legal requirements, an employer should not ask about the dates when a candidate attended grade school, high school or even college, as the courts may regard such questions as subtle evidence of age discrimination. An employer can also require an applicant to prove that he or she is eligible to legally work in America, but an employer can not ask about an applicant’s nationality, or that of his relatives. Lastly, an employer can ask whether a candidate is capable of performing tasks that are required for the job but the employer should carefully phrase the question to avoid potential problems concerning potential disabilities of the employee. There are numerous legal issues so make sure you do your homework.

  • Think long term- As a business owner, you have to have a proper succession plan in place and have a vision of how each of your current and prospective employees are on your chess board, with a plan of advancement. You don’t put band-aides on job openings to fill positions; this will leave your business full of pawns and no moves to make for the future.

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